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Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm BureauFlorida Farm Bureau Insurance is one of the best Farm Bureau Insurance company providing its services especially for the residentials of Florida. It is a subsidiary Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Group. The Company is providing its services from more than 60 years.

It is now grown and well-known insurance services provider company to the farmers of Florida. The company is providing insurance coverage in many lines including life, auto, home, health and long term disability insurance.

The Florida Farm Bureau insurance company also provides its insurance services for farms, agriculture, ranch, crop and commercial agricultural lines.

The Services Procedure of Florida Farm Bureau Insurance company is different from the Georgia Farm Bureau and Kentucky Farm Bureau.

The goal of Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Company

As we have discussed earlier that Florida Farm Bureau is Providing its services from 60 years in the Southern Farm Community. Their goal is to “Provide better quality and member services in the lower insurance rates.” The Florida Farm Bureau insurance is trying to achieve their goal. That’s why they have a number of satisfied clients throughout Florida.

Coverages Offered by Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Florida Farm Bureau is Providing different types of Covereges in different Lines. They are providing their products with high-quality service and lower insurance policy rates. So, the list of products is given below.

If you got a car insurance policy from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance then you can get two enhancements in your policy. These two enhancements should be added in your policy without any additional charges if you qualify for the support. The two additional Features are:

Pet Injury Coverage: If your cat or dog got injured in a car accident then Florida Farm Bureau Provides up to $500 for veterinary or other expenses. This coverage will not be offered for any other pet.

Transportation expense coverage: If you are travelling anywhere and you got an accident and you are above 100 miles far from your home. In this situation, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance will pay the extra transportation and lodging charges for you.

Car Insurance discounts are very limited in the Florida Farm Bureau. The rates should be decreased for various reasons such as claim-free year discount, good student discounts etc.

Most Noticeable Car Insurance Discounts

  • Claim-Free Discount: If you have spent a whole claim free then you can get Claim-Free Discount.
  • Good Student Discount: If you are a good driver while you are also a student then you can grab this discount.
  • Multi-Car Discount: If you have got a policy for more then one car then you can grab the discount.
  • Young Driver Training Discount: You can get a discount for taking the class on drivers safety

Florida Farm Bureau Home Insurance Coverage

Florida Farm Bureau does not provide many details about the home Insurance coverage provided by them. But you will be able to get the standard coverage for the property damage and other living expenses. Florida Farm Bureau does not provide any extra benefits that can differentiate it from other competitor insurance companies.

Most Noticeable Home Insurance Coverage

  • Personal Property Coverage: The company pays for your property if it is damaged.
  • Liability coverage: Protects you from legal liability.
  • Structural damage coverage: Pays you to repair or restructure your home after it got damaged
  • Additional living expenses: If your home got unstable for living after any accident then the company will pay the expenses to get repaired
  • Medical Payments: If others are got injured while they are on your property then the company will pay medical bills for them.

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Home Insurance Coverage Rates

It seems that the Home Insurance Rates are slightly higher than its competitor insurance companies. The Rates of different coverage limits are given below with the competitor’s list.

$75,000 Coverage Limit
Florida Farm Bureau$591
Heritage Insurance$438
Nationwide Insurance$287
State Farm Insurance$534


$200,000 Coverage Limit
Florida Farm Bureau$897
Heritage Insurance$1,014
Nationwide Insurance$675
State Farm Insurance$603


$350,000 Coverage Limit
Florida Farm Bureau$1,370
Heritage Insurance$1,796
Nationwide Insurance$1,329
State Farm Insurance$855

As we have found that Florida Farm Bureau coverage rates for higher property coverage limits are more competitive with other insurance companies. For home insurance with a replacement cost limit of $350,000, Florida Farm Bureau’s rates are only 2% over the sample average.

States in Which Florida Farm Bureau Provides Services

As we are watching that the Name of the company is related to the State of Florida. So, the company provides its car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and other insurance services in Florida.

So, the people of Florida can get the Services from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance and secure their life, home, property, farm and ranch with the company.

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Ratings

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has very good customer reviews. They have positive ratings from their members. In Previous Year the complaint Ratio from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners was 0.92 per cent. It seems that this is a very rare number of Complaints regarding the Florida Farm Bureau.

However, all the complaints were regarding Home Insurance service. It seems that home insurance coverage customers find more issues than car insurance buyers.

Furthermore, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance has very excellent financial stability. Parent Company of Florida Farm Bureau, the Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance has an A+ rating related to financial stability from A.M Best.

This means that the company and its subsidiaries have a “superior” financial footing and are extremely doubtless to be ready to pay claims despite the economic climate or the size of a widespread disaster.

Claim Process of Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

Getting a claim from Florida Farm Bureau is very straightforward. There are several numbers of options to make a claim. For making a claim of your insurance policy you can directly call your insurance agent.

There is also a 24 hours claims hotline to make a claim. You can call on hotline number 1-866-275-7322 and dispute the claim on it. You can also get a claim from Farm Bureau website or their mobile application for making a claim in Florida Farm Bureau.

Costs and Benefits to get membership from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

If you want to qualify for Insurance Policy from Florida Farm Bureau then you have must join the company. There are only $45 membership charges for a year in addition to the insurance premium.

The company is essentially a farming lobbyist group. It represents the interests of the Farmers of the state in front of the American government. However, joining Florida Farm Bureau Insurance can provide you with the few other benefits that are not related to Insurance.

Financial services provided by Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

There are Following several types of services which Florida Farm Bureau Provides to the customers

  • Home and auto insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Banking, credit cards and loans
  • Retirement planning

Advantages of getting Policy from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

  • Insurance Policies are best for Floridians
  • Super Benefits
  • Highly Talented and Friendly Employees
  • Financial Stability Going Back to the 1940s!
  • Outstanding Work/Life Balance
  • Solid Leadership that Appreciates Employees
  • Professional Environment

Disadvantages of getting Policy from Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

  • Insurance Policy is bad for Online Shoppers
  • It is also bad for those who need more than basic insurance coverage.

Infographic about Florida Farm Bureau Insurance

florida farm bureau

Contact Information

HeadquartersGainesville, Florida
Phone Number1-866-275-7322

Final Words

Florida Farm Burau Insurance is the company which provides its service in Florida. The company is providing different types of Coverages. The Company is working for Farmers. They Promote Farmers Interest in front of American Government. The company also provides two extra services in Car Insurance. So, If you are a Farmer and also living in Florida State then this company is best for you according to its services and user ratings.

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