PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance is a purpose-driven and member-obsessed insurance organization focused on growth by providing comprehensive coverage solutions such as homeowners, automobile, personal excess liability, jewellery, art & collections, fraud & cyber fraud, watercraft, flood and others. Since its inception in 2006, it has expanded to 10 different locations and has been serving over 70,000 members nationally.


We make our membership smarter, safer and more resilient so they can pursue their passions with great confidence.


Pros of PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance is a mutual insurance company

With PURE insurance you are not a “customer”, you are a “member” which means PURE insurance pays a dividend to all its policyholders after deducting the operating costs from paid premiums which eliminates the dilemma of shareholder vs. policyholder.

PURE Insurance bashes their competitors with their services

PURE insurance will surprise you with their vast array of comprehensive coverage solutions such as homeowners, automobile, personal excess liability, jewellery, art & collections, fraud & cyber fraud, watercraft, flood and others by leaving other standard insurers in the dust.

Cons of PURE Insurance

PURE Insurance does not cater to everyone

PURE Insurance is looking for clients with high net worth and if you don’t fall into this category, then they are not the right insurer for you.

PURE Insurance is picky and does not favour areas where natural disasters are likely to happen

PURE insurance is very picky when it comes to its clients. They will decline your quote regardless of your net worth if you home is located in areas where natural disasters are likely to occur like California or Florida which is notorious for its hurricanes. So if you live in these areas then PURE insurance is not your “go-to” company.

PURE Insurance does not have employees

PURE insurance outsources its claims handling, premium collection and underwriting which means you are not going to get white-glove treatment and relationship building.

PURE Insurance Coverage Solutions

PURE insurance provides a vast array of comprehensive coverage solutions such as homeowners, automobile, personal excess liability, jewellery, art & collections, fraud & cyber fraud, watercraft, flood and others to its members.

High-Value Homeowners Insurance

PURE insurance provides a best homeowners insurance policy which includes customized options for home contents, other home structures and additional living expenses.

Replace, Rebuild or Receive Cash Settlement

If your home is destroyed by fire or some other event, you have the option to rebuild it or receive a cash settlement.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

PURE’s Guaranteed Replacement Cost provides you peace of mind in knowing that your home can be rebuilt even when the actual cost to do exceeds your coverage limits.

Jewellery Protection

PURE’s homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage up to $50,000 for jewellery that is lost, misplaced or stolen while a dedicated insurance policy for jewellery ensures complete protection.

Coverage for Sewer and Drain Backups

PURE’s homeowner’s insurance policy will pay to clean up the damage and replace or rebuild the damaged property if a sewer backs up and causes drains or toilets to overflow.

Comprehensive Risk Prevention

The best way to protect a home is to prevent losses from ever happening again and if a loss does occur, the likelihood of it happening again is reduced by providing $2,500 through Loss Prevention Benefit for covered losses greater than $10,000.

PURE Automobile Insurance

PURE’s Automobile policy insures all of your vehicles including motorcycles, antique cars, regularly used cars and luxury motor homes.

Dedicated Assistance of a PURE Member Advocate

PURE’s automobile insurance policy helps you return to normal as easily as possible upon an accident. In this case, your Member Advocate takes care of things such as finding and booking rental cars, communication with other driver’s insurers etc.

Agreed Value Policy

In case of an event causing total loss, PURE’s automobile insurance policy pays the Agreed Value stated on your policy with no deductible.

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Parts Replacement

With PURE’s automobile insurance policy, your Member Advocate locates a nearby repair facility and pays them to use original equipment manufacturers’ parts if your vehicle requires a repair.

Flexibility with Rentals

This insurance policy provides you with total coverage if you rent a vehicle anywhere in the world. Moreover, your Member Advocate arranges a vehicle for you while your vehicle is undergoing repairs.

File Claims from Your Smartphone

You can receive repair estimates in case of damage by just submitting pictures of your damage using PURE insurances’ mobile app called “PURE Express”.

Smart Pricing

You can get premium discounts with this policy as policies are highly customizable. For example in the case of more cars than drivers, each car’s risk of being involved in an accident is reduced and this fact is acknowledged by PURE with premium discounts.

Personal Excess Liability Insurance

If you have significant assets then you are exposed to an above-average number of liability risks. Personal Excess Liability insurance policy helps you protect against claims of personal injury, bodily injury and property damage worldwide.

Coverage for Defence Costs

Legal defence costs which include claims of bodily injury, defamation, libel, slander, eviction and more are covered by this policy and you can choose representation from among a panel of trusted attorneys.

Not-for-Profit Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

If you are working as an officer for a not-for-profit organization, then this policy protects you by holding the Board members of that organization liable for actions or inactions of the organization including wrongful termination and breach of fiduciary duties.

Domestic Employment Practice Liability Coverage

This policy protects against wrongful employment allegations and covers up to $25,000 to help you preserve your reputation.

Uninsured Motorist and Uninsured Personal Liability Coverage

Damages and injuries done by an at-fault third party can be covered by an uninsured motorist and uninsured personal liability coverage.

Jewellery, Art and Collections Insurance

You may have some assets like jewellery, art or wine collection worth so much more than dollars and cents. You might want to look at some of the policies below to protect these assets.

Flexible Coverage Options

With this insurance policy, you have a wide variety of coverage options from scheduled coverage for a collection of items with known values to blanket coverage for a wider collection of lower-value items.

The Assistance of a PURE’s Member Advocate

Your PURE’s Member Advocate helps you for replacements for lost or damaged items, locating a jeweller or commissioning a new piece of art from a well-known artist.

Protection against Market Fluctuations

PURE pays you up to 150% of the item’s scheduled value if an item’s market value has surpassed your coverage amount at the time of a loss by Member Advocate who helps you schedule regular appraisals to adjust your limits in response to market fluctuations.

Flexibility for Newly Acquired Items

If you buy some new items then PURE provides with the 90 days to schedule these items and during this period, coverage is provided if they are lost or damaged.

Fraud and Cyber Fraud Coverage

PURE’s fraud and cyber fraud coverage are designed to provide you with coverage for losses caused by fraud and cybercrime if you become a victim.

Online and Offline Fraud Coverage

This policy of PURE’s provides you with coverage for frauds whether they are online or offline like social engineering, unauthorized transfer, acceptance of counterfeit money and more.

Cyber Extortion Coverage

If you become a target of cyber extortion, you are not only provided immediately with access to the crisis management advice to help you respond to that threat but also with the payment made in that during that event.

System Attack Coverage

With this policy, if you become a cyber attack victim then you are provided with coverage for the cost of the professional to reinstall damaged software, remove malicious code and reconfigure your system.

Active Cyber Monitoring

With this policy, high net worth individuals are provided with active cyber-security monitoring by Rubica, an active cyber-security monitoring provider identified by PURE.

Watercraft Insurance

PURE’s watercraft insurance policy not only provides you with protection and coverage for watercraft in domestic waters but also in international waters.

Proactive Approach to Risk Management

Your Member Advocate helps you with the repair shops, background checks on crew members and even locates another watercraft for you if yours is being repaired.

Agreed Value Policy

You are provided with your agreed value listed on your policy without any deduction in case of total damage and with payment for repairs in case of damage.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans

With this policy not only your boat is covered but it also provides coverage for legal defence costs, wreck removal and medical expenses for passengers.

Flood Coverage Solutions

PURE’s policy for flood coverage provides you with three levels of protection with incredible precision.

Primary Flood Coverage

PURE provides this coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Broadened Coverage

Things excluded by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are covered and protected with this policy.

Excess Flood Coverage

With this comprehensive premium solution, not only your home is protected and covered but also its belongings, no matter where you live.

Other Coverage Solutions

Home Systems Protection

With this additional policy, you are covered for losses caused by mechanical and electrical system breakdowns including systems for heating and air conditioning, home security, swimming pools etc.

Coverage for High-Risk Homes

PURE also provides coverage for high net worth individuals and families with higher-risk homes that are not accepted by the admitted insurance market.