USAA Roadside Assistance

USAA Roadside Assistance

usaa roadside assistanceIn the modern age, it is good to have multiple types of Insurance Coverages for your Home, Life, Car and other all the things belongs to you. If you are fond of travelling along with your family then you must have Roadside Assistance Insurance Policy.

In Travelling, things can go wrong at any wrong time. If you have not prepared yourself for this type of situation then you can lose a great amount of money. To avoid this type of Situation many companies are providing additional coverage called Roadside Assistance. In this article, we will discuss the USAA Roadside Assistance.

If you or any of the member in your family have served in the United States Miltary then you may be aware with the Sixth Largest Car insurance Company in the United States.

USAA Insurance Company is one of the best Insurance Company which provides the affordable home, life, car insurance coverage to the active and retired military members and their families. It also Provides other Financial Services to their Customers.

Here are the USAA Insurance Company Review and complete details. Read them before getting any type of coverage.

About USAA Roadside Assistance

USAA Insurance Company is one of the largest Insurance Providing Company in the United States. It was founded on June 20, 1922, 96 years. And the Headquarters of USAA is situated in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

USAA Insurance is offering products for Householders, Car, Life health and business insurance. USAA is also providing the services for renters named USAA Renters Insurance.

With USAA Roadside Assistance the Insurance Company is Providing additional coverage which provides you protection from the timely tensions during the travel with your family.

With USAA Roadside Assitance you can get a lot of benefits. In any type of emergency, you can get several types of coverage options from the company without spending a huge amount of money.

Who can Get Membership with USAA Roadside Assistance

USAA Insurance Company provides membership to those who served their country with a military uniform. It means the Company offers the memberships to the military members either they are in service or retired from the department. The Company also provides services to the families of the military members. Although membership in USAA Insurance Company is offered for:

  • Retired, Active or honourably separated officers and military members.
  • Officers and Candidates in commissioning programs.
  • Adult Family Members or Children of USAA members who have or had a USAA property or auto Insurance Policy. The family members should be at least 18+ years old are eligible for USAA membership and purchase products in their own name.
  • Widowers, widows, former Spouse of USAA company members who have or had purchased an auto or home Insurance Policy from the Company.

If you are also a military member or a family member of any Military member then you also get Membership from USAA Insurance Company.

Coverage Options Provided by USAA Roadside Assistance

A USAA Insurance Company Member who buys Car Insurance Policy from USAA Insurance is automatically offered an additional Products called Roadside Assistance. If you bought a Car Insurance Policy from USAA and the roadside Assistance is not been offered to you at the beginning of the Policy period. Then you can add the Policy Additional Product Later in your account.

The Product is the additional option which should give you time to consider it. By adding the additional Product you can get the following benefits:

  • Emergency Jump Start Service: If your car’s battery is failed and the car is unable to start. In this situation, USAA Roadside Assistance will give you the service. Through this, they will give an emergency boost to your car’s battery so you can start your car.
  • Emergency tire service: If you are driving and your car’s tyre goes flat or bursts. Then the machine or a service provider from USAA will Come and Change or replace the tyre of your car.
  • Emergency towing service: If your car breaks down and need to be towed then USAA company will the charges according to your USAA Roadside Assistance Plan to have it towed to the nearest repairing shop
  • Emergency fuel delivery: If your car is out of Gas or Oil. Then USAA Roadside Assistance will help you to reach the nearest Service Station by Providing enough fuel with the help of a service provider.
  • Emergency lockout service: If you locked your car and forgot the keys inside it. Then USAA emergency locksmith service will unlock your car or will make a duplicate key to unlock it.

If you want to get any of the Service from USAA Roadside Assistance then Just call them on their Number which is printed on the back of your USAA car insurance towing and labour coverage card.

Infographic about USAA Roadside Assistance

usaa roadside assistance

Services Price of USAA Roadside Assistance

If you are getting additional Service of Roadside Assistance from USAA then you have to pay $12 – $15 for a year with your car insurance additionally. If you compare this price with an auto club or an organization then this is a very low amount.

If your car breakdown in a strange city due to any reason then you and your family may have to pay $100 for a short tow. There should be a great amount of money to pay for services like towing and labor. So, USAA Roadside Assistance is a beneficial service in that type of situation.

USAA Roadside Assistance Contact Information

If you want to contact USAA and want to get any type of coverage then there are following different methods to contact them

Phone Number800-531-USAA
Phone Number210-531-USAA
Mailing Address9800 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78288.

Bottom Line

If you are fond of travelling and have a car and your car is insured from USAA Car Insurance then you should add USAA Roadside Assistance Service in your car insurance Plan.

This is a Good service and Providing Valuable emergency coverages to their Users. These coverages can save a great amount of money for their users. So, we will suggest you to add the USAA Roadside Assistance option in your car insurance policy to get rid of future tensions by paying a small amount.